About the Chef

The original Executive Chef of Lakkhotaa Lodge, Jarrod Justin Davis, is a graduate of Florida State University, and the Le Cordon Bleu Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago. The Executive Chef custom designed the stainless-steel kitchen to accommodate the diverse cooking disciplines. Chef Jarrod set the culinary standards high at Lakkhotaa Lodge. Cleanliness, freshness, and haute cuisine are the principles governing the kitchen.

Our principal Chefs are supported by well-rounded sous (junior) chefs. Their combined backgrounds in Asian and international cuisine, and knowledge of culinary components, places Regions Restaurant in the forefront of local gastronomy. The Chefs will honor Guest requests by customizing meals. The Chefs keep the menu fresh and exciting by using foods that are regional and seasonal.

Our Dining Rooms

Regions Restaurant is our main dining room. There the Guest dines in ambiance with high quality service, and worldwide cuisine that delights the senses. Guests are served a meal that will be remembered. Regions has an atmosphere that is both inspiring and inviting. Regions achieves this experience by its outstanding decor, comfort, and unmatched service.

Tuesday - Sunday
Breakfast : 8am - 11am
Dinner : 1pm - 9pm
Closed on Monday (We are open for Hotel Guests)
Please Call +0364-259-0523/0524 for reservations.


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