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About Us

Lakkhotaa Lodge was conceived, designed and constructed by a 3 member Family Team. The design goal was to establish and operate a deluxe hotel in Shillong. Construction took 4 years.

The husband and wife are both Feng Shui Master Practitioners. The husband, who did the space design, is a retired physicist and lawyer. The wife, who did the aesthetics and decorating, is a nurse. She also worked in the hospitality industry in America. The son, who supervised construction and designed the kitchen, is the General Manager and Chef from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Chicago.
Their efforts produced a unique hotel and restaurant. The Family continues to be involved in the operations of the hotel.

The staff are from Shillong. Most of staff are members of a local Scheduled Tribe. Each staff member at Lakkhotaa Lodge has been trained in-house.

Together, the house and staff at Lakkhotaa Lodge are tasked to deliver:
  • Service equal to the finest continental hotels,
  • Haute Cuisine and refreshments in the lounges and dining rooms, and
  • Luxurious and comfortable surroundings in all rooms and common areas, with friendly and personal attention to the needs of each Guest.
If you have a special request, let us know.

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